v1.0 - 14th June 2002 - Dalai

This trigger gives you comprehensive control over ThDoors on your map. When triggered, it will change the target doors depending on the settings. The target doors are any ThDoors with Tag matching the ThDoorShutter's Event.

  • MakeDoor - you can choose to open, shut or toggle the target door(s).
  • Lock - you can make the door locked or unlocked.
  • Pickable - to change the pickability (surely that's not a word) of the lock.
  • ChangeKeyTag, ChangeKeyTagTo - to change the keytag of this door's lock.
  • ChangePickDifficulty, ChangePickDifficultyTo - to change how hard this door is to pick.
  • bResetPicking - if true, resets the door's lock if it has already been picked.