v1.0 - 14th June 2002 - Dalai

These are used to hurt the player, the poor taffer. Simply drop it down and anything coming within its collision cylinder will be hurt. You can adjust some properties:

  • DamageType - What kind of damage this thing does. Thievery uses the following DamageTypes:
    • KnockedOut - if this damage gets done to the back half of a player, he'll get knocked out.
    • Fire - the default
    • RangedArrow
    • RangedMagic
    • MeleeBlunt
    • MeleeBluntMace
    • MeleeSharp
    • Caltrop
  • Damage - How much damage is done per hit
  • DamageDelta - Time between hits.
  • TargetClass - The class of actor that will be hurt. Anything not of this class (or subclass) can enter the ThieveryDamageActor without getting damaged.
  • bSetFireToPawns - If set to true, any pawns getting damaged will also get set on fire.