v1.0 - 14th June 2001 - Dalai

This class is used for generic decorations, junk items, loot and also some special items such as the supply chest and whistlers.

Properties of interest:

  • bFrobbable - object lights up and can be frobbed.
  • bGuardsNoFrob - guards cannot frob this item.
  • bThievesNoFrob - thieves cannot frob this item.
  • FrobSound - the sound this item makes when frobbed.

  • bCanPickup - you can pick this item up.
  • bInventoryItem - this item is meant to disappear when picked up, if this is set to false, the item will behave like a junk item and will be carried about at the bottom of the player's screen until dropped.
  • MovementScaleWhileCarrying - how much this affects the player's speed when carried (e.g. 0.5 = player moves at half speed)
  • HUDName - the name of this item that comes up on the HUD when carrying it.
  • bLoot - counts as loot.
  • LootValue - how much it's worth.
  • bGuardsLoot - loot that guards can pickup, this loot will repspawn on the map somewhere (used for the loot pouches that dead thieves drop).

  • UsesFrobItem - a pickup in the player's inventory is used with this item (such as the lockpicks or repair tool).

  • ReminderNote - just a blank string for you to write messages in about an object, if it is important.

  • Breakable - can be set to Solid (unbreakable) or Glass (will smash when thrown about).
  • HitSoundScheme - the noise this item makes when it is dropped, choices are:
    • HSS_NoScheme,
    • HSS_BigWood,
    • HSS_SmallWood,
    • HSS_MediumMetal,
    • HSS_SmallMetal,
    • HSS_Pottery,
    • HSS_Glass,
    • HSS_Cloth,
    • HSS_Generic - just makes a dull thud.
  • CustomXHitsound - these various sounds will override the settings in the hitsound scheme, so you can make your object have custom hit noises.
  • bObjectBouncesWhenThrown - either bounces a bit or stops instantly on hitting the ground.

  • ObjectivePoints - points awarded to the player for picking this item up
  • bOnlyAwardObjectivePointsOnce - only award the points to the first time the object is picked up.

  • bTriggerCausesFrob - object is frobbed when triggered.
  • bTakeDamageCausesFrob - object is frobbed when someone does it damage, used to have buttons that can be pushed by shooting with an arrow, etc.
  • bShowWhenHeld - shows this item in the player's hands in 3rd person view.
  • bDestroyWhenOwnerRespawns - when the player respawns, this object will get destroyed (to stop stacking traps, etc).