v1.0 - 6th July 2002 - Dalai

This trigger will send a text message out in a variety of styles, either to the person who triggered it, their whole team or everyone playing. The writing can be made to appear and disappear with a number of styles. The text will automatically wrap over lines and such. ThieveryTextTrigger can be found under Actor - Triggers - Trigger.

Here is a brief rundown of its properties:

  • MessageText - The actual text of the message.
  • MessageTime - How long the message will stay up for.
  • MessageFadeTime - How long the message takes to fade out.
  • MessageX - the left hand side X coordinate of the message, from 0 to 1280.
  • MessageXMax - the right hand side X coordinate of the message, from 0 to 1280.
  • MessageY - the Y coordinate of the top line of the message
  • MessageColor - the colour of the text
  • MessageAlignment - whether the text is left aligned, right aligned or centered.
  • bExclusive - (not implemented yet)
  • MessageType - who the message is sent to.
  • MessageFont - the font the message uses.
  • LetterFadeTime - how quickly an individual letter will fade in and out, if using a per letter anim style.
  • LetterDelay - time between each letter appearing, if using a per letter anim style.
  • MessageAnimStyle - style in which the message appears/disappears.
  • SpaceTag - messages sharing the same SpaceTag shift each other down to make room for new messages.
  • TextEndEvent - this event is triggered when the text message ends (clientside only)