v1.0 - 14th June 2001 - Dalai

LocationIDs are used to name areas within a zone. These names will show up on the scoreboard as your location when you're inside that area. By default UT has a spherical shaped locationid, this can be found under Actor->Keypoint->locationid. Simply put one down at the point you want to mark and set the radius accordingly. Note, it can be useful to right click on the bar at the top of your view and choose "Views->Radii view", then bring up the locationid's properties, set bCollideActors to true and then adjust the CollisionRadius. You will see a circle marking the radius which you can use to position the locationid. Be sure to lower the CollisionRadius and turn off bCollideActors when you have placed it.

Thievery has two more location id's which are of use:

  • ThLocationIDCylinder - cylinder shaped, uses the normal radius and has a new height var. Useful for multi floored buildings.

  • ThLocationIDBox - a box shaped id for exact marking of rooms. Has Breadth, Width and Height, which spread in both directions from the centre of the location id, i.e. a height of 10 will make the box ceiling 10 up and the floor 10 down, giving a total height of 20 (just like the CollisionHeight works on normal actors). Use the grid to work out the distances you need.