v1.0 - 14th June 2001 - Dalai


This is a lockable chest which can contain items. When the chest is opened, the player will automatically frob any items with the matching ItemTag. So to give the appearance of loot inside the chest:

Place the footlocker somewhere.

Place some loot near the chest and make it bHidden.

Set the loot's Event->Tag to a unique word (e.g. LootInLocker1).

Set the footlocker's ItemTag to match.

When the player frobs the chest, it'll open, they'll automatically frob the loot (no matter where it is) and pick it up. You can make the chest locked, setting the keytag to match the key which will open it (see the doors document for more info). You can also make it pickable, setting the difficulty of the lock.

Using ThObjectFootLockers with ThLootSpawners

ThLootSpawners create instances of a particular class, with the default settings, so how do you set the item's tag so it can be linked to a footlocker? and how do you stop it falling?

A couple of new properties in the ThLootSpawners:

bItemHidden - makes the item bHidden, floating in the air invisibly and non-solid where it's spawned.
ItemInheritsTag - the spawned item will inherit this tag
ItemInheritsEvent - the spawned item will inherit this event

For a ThLootSpawnerSingle

Place the loot spawner, set it's loot, set bItemHidden, give the ItemInheritsTag a unique name.

Place the footlocker, set the ItemTag to the unique name.

For ThLootSpawnerMaster/Slaves

Place your footlockers and give them each unique ItemTags.

Place the master loot spawner, setting the loot, etc.

Place the slaves, setting bItemHidden and the ItemInheritsTag to match the ItemTags of the corresponding chests. So that's it, you can have items randomly appearing in lockers too.