v1.0 - 14th June 2001 - Dalai

Books can be found under Actor->Decoration->ThieveryObject->ThObjectReadables.

Quick guide:
Whack a ThObjectBook in your map and then bring up it's properties. Fill in the "ThBookContent" section with text.


ThObjectReadables section of properties

This specifies the layout and style of the book. It specifies things like the location of the columns, etc. This has to match the backdrop image and suchlike, so you shouldn't really change this stuff. The only thing you might want to change is the starting font.

Font - Specifies the starting font. Only two choices at the moment.

  • Dauphin
  • Copperplate

ThBookContent section of properties This section specifies what is in the book.

  • num_pages - Each book can have 1-5 pages.

  • PageX - This will have the actual content of your book. There are 4 'paragraphs' per page. Simply write your text in these and it'll automatically word wrap, flow over columns, etc. It *won't* flow onto the next page however so make sure you don't write too much. Be sure to check how the book looks at different resolutions.

Special Tags

These tags can be placed amongst your book content to do special things.

  • | - The bar is an end of line character, will cause the writing to drop down to the next line.

  • <IMG=name> - This will draw the texture "name" into the book. Texture will be drawn in a modulated style, where colours closer to RGB(128,128,128) are more transparent.

    E.g. <IMG=ThieveryMod.DaggerSketch>

  • <FONT=name> - This will change the font midway through the page. Note: this command *MUST* be on it's own line.

    E.g. |<FONT=Copperplate>|

    (the bars are there to ensure it's on its own line)

  • <NEWCOL> - This will cause a column break, so further text will appear on the next column. Note: this command *MUST* be on it's own line.

    E.g. |<NEWCOL>|

    (the bars are there to ensure it's on its own line)


This ThPickup allows the player to have a portable book. It basically acts as a proxy to a proper book. So place a normal ThObjectBook somewhere, hidden in a blue room outside the map or something, fill it in with text. Give it a Tag, like "BookOMagicStuff".

Place a ThPickupReadableLink where you want the book to start. Set its ReadableTag to "BookOMagicStuff".

That's it, now the player will be able to pick it up, carry it around, and when they frob with it selected, they'll read the hidden book.